What We Do

Tecworks International Pty Ltd is an independently owned Australian business, delivering after sales services to the Technology and Appliance Industry.

Understanding the service landscape we can provide end to end solutions for all types of businesses whether large or small.

Specialising in repair, refurbish, logistics and turnkey solutions, we help our clients with divestment of non-core activities from their current business whilst creating efficiencies and reduction of costs for this important function of their business.


TWI employs experienced engineers who are trained and certified across all aspects of the consumer electronics market. As such we are an authorised service provider for major manufactures Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Mitsubishi, JVC, Hisense and Changhong.

Our Expertise in LCD TV's, Digital Still Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, DLSR, and A/V equipment not only provides assurance that it will repaired right the first time but also in a timely manner.

We also cater for the Broadcast and Professional market and are authorised for JVC and Sony. Our engineers have years of experience and know how. With the latest jigs and tools you can be confident that all equipment will be functioning and reliable once it has been serviced by TWI.

IT is our specialty whether it is repairing Desktops, Notebooks, or Tablets. Our engineers have years of experience addressing hardware and software issues. We currently repair Sony, Asus, Acer and HP but can repair almost any brand of IT product.


TWI offers refurbishing services which comprise a wide range of propositions, from project-based reworking, to repackaging or re-kitting products, right up to the implementation of a swap system for loan equipment or substitution while the end user's equipment is being repaired.

In addition, our experience in more refined refurbishment, pre-testing to detect non-faulty equipment, software upload, and aesthetic upgrades is instrumental in providing our clients with refurbished products that are equivalent to new products, or meet any other standard that their end users may require

It is one thing when a customer decides to buy the products of your brand; but keeping him or her, a loyal customer throughout the lifecycle of the product is a different matter. Brands are constantly competing for customer "mindshare" and new business models are individually developed to address the need to keep end-users, and the associated revenue, locked in.